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Farm to Table Event

Annual Friends of The Gardens Dinner

On December 15, New Port Richey FarmNet hosted the annual dinner for local gardeners. This Farm-to-Table event was the first of its kind in New Port Richey. All the dishes (8 in all) were prepared by chefs at Rose’s Bistro, and all dishes featured produce harvested from gardens in the City of New Port Richey. Dishes featured arugula, collards, kale, sweet potatoes, and assorted herbs. All coming from gardens less than 1/2 mile from the Bistro.

25 persons attended, including community gardeners, market gardeners, and residential gardeners, marketers, and supporters of the FarmNet Project – including Rob Marlow, Mayor of New Port Richey. New Port Richey FarmNet is dedicated to quickening the rise of a healthy and resilient community in the City of New Port Richey and surrounding areas on the basis of agrarian principles and practices. Participating gardens include: Grand Gardens, Habitat for Humanity Gardens, East Madison Gardens, Friendship Farms & Fare, and several other share gardens and residential gardens.

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